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Welcome to Georgian Computer Society's Web Site

Georgian Computer Society is non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization. Georgian Computer Society is dedicated to support the development of INFORMATION society, promote democracy and cooperate with partner organizations, institutions and private sector in order to contribute to the community advance. We believe that the Georgian Computer Society assists changes in sustainable economic and social development of the country. On this, the Georgian Computer Society dedicates all its passion and professionalism.

Goals and Objectives of the Society

The main goal of the society is to, in abidance with Georgian Law, facilitate the following:

* Computerization of Georgia
* Increasing computer skills of citizens of Georgia
* Development of Internet in Georgia
* Adoption and popularization of Georgian computing terms
* Adoption of IT standards
* Integration into international organizations with similar profile
* Introduction of modern standards into education system of Georgia
* Implementation of computer-aided teaching
* Implementation of distant-learning methods over the Internet
* Outsourcing Of Programming Projects

* Professional education of population and training
* Protection of rights and interests of scientists, educationists, and other professional groups
* Implementation of and participation in projects for development of science, technology, education and art
* Protection of professional and social rights of individuals with internet-related professions


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[Distance Education: Mashav Courses in Jerusalem]
[Information Technology Development program in North Caroline]
[Information Technology Development program in Chicago]
[Distance Education: Editing Exercises for Beginners]
[Distance Education: Formatting Exercises for Beginners]
[Distance Education: Complex Exercises MS Word]
[Distance Education: Computer Tests (Georgian Version, 14.0 MB)]
[Distance Education: Georgian Poetry (Georgian Version, 75.6 MB)]
[Offshore Programming] [DrWeb]
[English-Georgian-Russian computer and library terminology]
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Copyright 2002-2005, Georgian Computer Society
Author of Site: Tornike Razmadze torniker@gmail.com
» Latest Projects:

Offshore Programming - Outsourcing of Programming Projects: Quality Software and Web Development at $12 / Hour.
Typing Simulators - Here you can download the typing tutorial programs for keyboard trainings.
Distance Education: Editing Exercises for Beginners - Offshore Training: There are 14 exercises for editing using MS Word.
Distance Education: Form-atting Exercises for Begin-ners - Offshore Training: There are 8 exercises for formatting using MS Word.
Distance Education: Complex Exercises MS Word - Offshore Training: There are 10 complex exercises MS Word.
Distance Education: Computer Tests (Georgian Version, 14.0 MB) - Georgian Software: Measure your computer skills!
Distance Education: Georgian Poetry (Georgian Version, 75.6 MB) - Georgian Software: Educational game.
DrWeb - Here you can order the best antiviral program DrWeb.