Name:             Lavrenti

Last Name:        Kvizhinadze

Date of birth:    31 Aug. 1973


Academic degrees: Master of Computer Systems. (with Honor )

Certificates:     BrainBench - Visual C++ Developer 2000


MAIN SKILS:          

                . C / C++

                . Win API

                . Visual C++, MFC

                . ATL, COM, SQL/MS SQL Server, Apache, ORACLE, DBLibrary, ODBC, DAO

                . HTML, DHTML, Java, JSP, SSJP, PHP, ASP

                . Pascal, ASM

                . FoxPro, DBASE, Access

                . DLL, Multithreading

                . SourceSafe

                . MS Internet Browser Document Object Modeling

                . Dialogic D/41ESC voice device programming




Dec 98 – present

Company: Caucasian Digital Network. Georgia, Tbilisi

Project:  “CDNCallApp” 

Role:     Project executor, Software Architect / developer, web programmer

Project Description:

 PC Phone, Billing System, web application - Intel Dialogic D/41ESC voice card based system (PC Phone) to router incoming call signal to destination phone number which user enters from phone keypad. Users are recognized by unique PIN number which should be entered also from phone keypad. System has tight connection with ORACLE database (Billing System) to locate all information and data user request from system and store users call history  to allow user access account through web (Web application).

Tools used: MSVC++ Intel Dialogic API, WinAPI, WinRegistry, GUI, ODBC, ORACLE, Netscape Enterprise Application Server(NES), Server Side Java Script




Dec 98 – Jan 2002

Company: Georgia - Gateway. Georgia, Tbilisi

Project:  www project "GFSIS portal"

Role:     Project executor - web programmer

Project Description:

   Web project for GFSIS corporation with PHP, Java and MySQl support. 

   system architecture – Apache, PHP, APACHE, DHTML / HTML


Feb 98 – Dec 2001

Company: Georgian Software Systems Ltd. (GSS - Ltd.)  Georgia, Tbilisi

1) Project:  www project "Georgian Internet"

   Customer: G.Soros foundation-Open Society Georgia Foundation

   Role:     Project executor - software developer

Project Description:

   Toolbar add-on for MS Internet Explorer and integrated into browser. The main purpose of that toolbar is converting nonstandard Georgian HTML pages to standard one by translating content of the page. It's done by obtaining (DOM) Document Object Model of Internet Explorer and parsing each element to change it's layouts within Explorer contents.


   Project planning - Object Oriented Design

   System architecture - MSVC++ MFC

   Installation and update node through www - MSVC++ ATL / COM / DHTML / HTML

   MSIE DOM node (MS Internet Browser Document Object Modeling) - MSVC++ MFC / ATL / COM / DHTML / HTML

   User-friendly interface - MSVC++ MFC





2) Project:   Web application "CDN Phone Call Profile"

   Customer:  Caucasus Digital Network Ltd. (CDN); Georgia,Tbilisi

   Role:      Project executor - software developer

Project Description:

   Web Application running on Netscape Enterprise Server (NES) and allowing CDN customers to view their profiles and manage accounts through www. System is divided on 2 parts: 1) customer login module (LM) and 2) data storage module (DSM). Data from login module are transferred to data storage module using ODBC for ORACLE because data are stored in ORACLE database server. 


   Project planning and system architecture - Object Oriented Design

   Node for transferring data from LM to DSM - C++ / ORACLE SQL / ODBC

   Web management node - NES / Java / Server side Java / Java Script

   Web interface - HTML / Template Engine




3) Project: Accounting system "SuperFin"

   Customer: All business sectors

   Role:     Project manager - Software Developer

Project Description:

   System's fully developed on Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC  (Microsoft Foundation Class Library) for IBM series or compatible PCs and is represented in two packages: multi-user - network version and single-user version. Relationships with the database in the single-user version  are built on using Microsoft DAO (Data Access Objects) realization but in the multi-user-network version - with Microsoft SQL  server 7.0 and it's libraries also known as DB Libraries.  Some of components are developed with COM technology using ATL and has a HASP protection.


   User-friendly interface and system architecture - OOD

   Own built-in scripting language - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI

   Own built-in designer for forms and not ordinary data view / input controls

   Own built-in designer for system / user reports - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI

   Node for remote communication via internet / local net - TCP / IP

   Node for MS SQL Server connection data transferring - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI

       MSDB Library programming not ODBC


4) Project:  The Electronic Library of Legislation Regulative Documents of Georgia

   Customer: All business sectors

   Role:     Project manager - Software Developer

Project Description:

   Electronic Library of Legislation Regulative Documents of Georgia has ability to browse changes online with highlighting and navigation ability through them. Can be viewed via IE 4.x and later


   User-friendly interface and system architecture - OOD

   IE node - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI / COM / ATL

   Node for input validation to edit specific data - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI




Dec 2000 - May 2001

Government - Investigation Department; Georgia, Tbilisi

Role: Project executor - software developer

Project Description:

   Multi - user application - Internal data processor (SQL).


   User-friendly interface and system architecture - OOD

   Log system - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI

   Reporting system - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI / DBLib / SQL

   Data access system - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI / DBLib / SQL

   Node for input validation to edit specific data - MSVC++ / MFC / WINAPI



Aug 96 - Feb 98

Government - Special Department of Computer Center of Georgian Internal Affairs

Role:     Software Developer

Project: "Incoming data processor"

Project Description:

   Database management application that process incoming data and prints resulting report forms. This application represents itself as a single-user application on the File-Sever basis with only one user access point and is divided on following parts:  Data storage and management unit, written on FoxPro ver 2.5. - receives and stores data in the databases, process and sorts them using preliminarily defined keys, prepares for printing and then prints. Task scheduling unit, written using MS Visual C++ - checks up preliminarily defined database (in a DBF format) for some tasks to be done by the given range of date or time or current date. The latest version of this application is built on Client-Server technology on the MS SQL Server to achieve multi-user purpose.


   User-friendly interface and system architecture - OOD

   Project planning, analysis, design - OOD

   Modules for data processing unit - FoxPro / DBASE / SQL

   Modules for data printing - FoxPro/ DBASE / SQL  

   Classes for data scheduling module - C++ Builder

   SQL modeling scripting - SQL

   User access points management - FoxPro/ DBASE / SQL


Jan 94 - Aug 96

Company: Computer Center of Georgian Aircraft Factory; Georgia Tbilisi

Role:     Software Developer

Project: "AsuTab"

Project Description:

   Single-user database application on the File-Sever basis and was developed to process Enterprise activity data and print resulting report forms by the given date; Employee sign in / out recording 


   Designed and implemented software for organizational and accounting activities

   Developing software for data processing

   Design resulting print forms and developing printing nodes

   Building of GUI

   Installed and configured network, server and workstations




Systems Architecture

(Hardware) IBM or comp:            expert


Operating Systems

MS DOS                             expert       

MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000           expert


Data Bases

DBASE                              expert

MS FoxPro v2.5                     expert

MS Access                          expert

MS SQL serv 6.5/7.0                expert



Numega Bound Checker               expert       

Rational Purify                    expert

Numega SoftICE                     good

MS Source Safe                     expert

MSDN                               expert

MS Office                          expert

MS Visual Studio                   expert


Programming Languages

C/C++                              expert

Visual C++, MFC                    expert

ATL, COM, Active X                 expert

SQL, BD Library                    expert

HTML, DHTML                        expert

Java, JSP, SSJP                    expert

Pascal                             good

ASM                                good


Database Interfaces

ODBC                               expert

DAO                                good


Internet Protocols

TCP/IP                             good


Complete Address:

  Dolidze str. Build 14 apt.45, Tbilisi, Georgia 380036


 Local time: from 23:30 to 0:30

 Moscow time: from 22:30 to 23:30

 London time: from 19:30 to 20:30

 NY time:     from 02:30pm to 03:30pm




    English - good (ICC certificate - Special course in Technical English 

                     Certified in German 1998)

    Russian - native

    Georgian - native



       Project name “Superfin” – George Batsanadze,   

Gergian Software Systems

Director +995 32 252025

       Project name “CDNCallApp” – George Gotushia,

                                  Caucasus Digital Networks,

                                  Director +995 32 259525

      Pjoject name “GeoHTML” - George Chogovadze,

                                  GeoIE, +995 99 553293